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EnStream LP
55 University Ave Suite 202, Toronto, Ont M5J 2H7 Canada
416 365 9000

EnStream, a Bell, TELUS and Rogers joint venture, has established itself as Canada's NFC leader, creating an end-to-end 'hub' solution, connecting mobile network operators and credential issuers.
Canada entered 2015 with four mobile networks and six banks connected, securely delivering credentials that enable mobile payments on NFC smartphones. By international standards, this is a remarkable success story.

EnStream has three services: SEM (now connected to four of the largest mobile network operators in Canada, representing 95% of Canada's subscribers) and SP TSM services that are Global Platform compliant and Visa and MasterCard certified. Our SP TSM is able to integrate to an Issuers existing systems to enable secure delivery of credentials to NFC-enabled smartphones. We also offer Issuers, SE Access to MNO SIM cards.

Today, five of Canada's six largest financial institutions: CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, Scotiabank and TD – together representing 85% of Canada's retail banking customers offer 'pay with your phone' ability to Canadians with others coming soon. Equally important, 84% of major Canadian retailers already have NFC contactless terminals.